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Battery Care in a Hybrid vehicle

Best practice for your Toyota Hybrid when it's parked up for over 15-20 days. With so many lockdowns over the past few years Toyota have this piece of advice to keep all car batteries healthy over those idle periods.

Charge the 12v Battery


In a Hybrid vehicle, turning on “Ready Mode” will charge the 12-volt battery.

As it is a Hybrid, the engine might not run, and therefore we may not hear the engine make any sound.

This depending on parameters, like outside temperature, the Hybrid battery state of charge, exhaust emissions, Airconditioning settings etc.

The image is of a typical Toyota hybrid Dashboard and shows the Ready Lamp is illuminated.

A Toyota hybrid allowed to remain in this condition for, approximately 30 Minutes every 15-20 days is sufficient to charge up the 12 Volt Battery and keep it in a healthy condition.

Please be sure to adhere to general vehicle safety, regarding car security, exhaust gasses, kids in the car etc, while your vehicle is in Ready Mode.

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