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Built for a Better World

It may seem a little odd to say: although selling cars is what we do, at Toyota, it’s not why we exist. Our brand was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda on the back of a powerful idea - and Toyota ideas have led the world since then. Our spirit of innovation is inspired by technology as way of improving lives, bettering society and securing our children’s future. Our mission is to better life for everyone. Because someone has to lead.

Since it was founded in 1937, Toyota has grown and evolved through the relentless pursuit and development of innovative technology with the power to improve lives, better society and create a safe and secure future for the next generation. Toyota’s vision is to improve mobility for everyone. Paralympics Ireland’s mission is to lead elite Irish athletes with a disability to Paralympic Games success. 

Through our partnership with Paralympics Ireland we want to help build a more inclusive society, help break down barriers to mobility and boost the profile of Paralympics. 

Use of mobile phones while driving is a big problem on Irish roads. Too many people still drive while on their phone to take a call, text, snap a selfie, update their social media channels or check an email. Even glancing at a phone when it lights up is a distraction. As part of our brand promise of being ‘Built for a Better World’, we have developed the Toyota Face It Down app with the aim of changing driver behaviour and improving road safety for everyone.

In partnership with the Road Safety Authority, FBD Insurance and Topaz, we are rewarding all drivers for putting their phone face down when driving, allowing them to redeem the points for a €50 reduction on their car insurance from FBD Insurance or for a complimentary hot drink at Topaz Re Store outlets nationwide. Let’s face it down together and get rewarded for making Irish roads safer. Download the Face It Down app today from the Google Play Store or Apple Store for free.

Hybrid revolution

Twenty years ago Toyota started the hybrid revolution, driven by the idea of burning less fuel and the promise of cleaner air for tomorrow’s generation. Toyota are the world leaders in hybrid technology with more than 10 million hybrid drivers worldwide. Our smart Hybrids have up to 40% better fuel efficiency and 30% less servicing costs. Find out why people in Ireland love driving Toyota Hybrids.


This year Toyota has increased registered patents by 11% and opened over 5,680 fuel cell and related patents for royalty free use, including industry leading fuel cell technology used in new Toyota Mirai. With this effort we hope that our research will help foster a shared awareness that companies should collaborate rather than compete when it comes to popularising socially significant technologies and products, which could also create momentum for the popularisation of FCVs, just like what we have seen for Hybrids.

Free safety pack on Aygo

Discover how we're innovating to make life better with smart, thoughtful technology. We're the first motoring manufacturer in Ireland to offer a Free Safety Pack including our state-of-the-art ‘Toyota Safety Sense' on AYGO - our most affordable model. That's even greater peace of mind to first-time and younger drivers when it comes to their safety on Irish roads.

Toyota Land Cruiser emergency network

Over 65% of Australia stills receives no mobile signal. That’s an area larger than the European Union. The LandCruiser Emergency Network is an ongoing project to outfit LandCruisers as emergency communications hotspots. If someone is lost in the Outback or needs help, the system allows them to connect to one of these hotspots in a Land Cruiser via Wi-Fi. The hotspot then seeks out any other LandCruiser hotspots nearby and passes the emergency beacon along to them until it finally reaches emergency first responders. Find out how this emergency communications network can help save lives.

Canadian blood services

From when a donation arrives, the clock is ticking. Before reaching patients, blood donations go through a complex testing and production processes. Toyota Engineers using the philosophy of the Toyota Production System set about helping Canadian Blood Services by simplifying team members’ work. By saving time in the production process, it meant Canadian Blood Services could get that product to the hospital sooner so hospitals would enjoy a longer shelf life for this life-saving product. Find out how even small differences can actually make a huge impact.

Project blaid

Toyota believes everyone should be able to move freely and safely. This is why Toyota engineers and the Toyota Partner Robot Group have collaborated for 4 years with leading organizations and members of the blind community, to better understand the mobility needs of the visually impaired. The result is Project BLAID—a wearable mobility device for the blind and vision impaired that helps fill in the blanks left by canes, dogs and existing GPS devices. Find out how its going to make life better for the decades ahead.

Robot revolution

As part of our belief that the freedom of movement should be enjoyed by everyone, discover how Toyota robots have been helping revolutionise mobility. From providing valuable care for the elderly and disabled, to revolutionising the way we engage with our vehicles, robots and artificial intelligence offer us all sorts of exciting possibilities for future mobility.