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Wings Food Fest

25,000 in attendance. Did you spot our C-HR Hybrid?
We brought Tadg Riordan Motors on Tour last Saturday to giveaway hot wings at the Wings Food Fest Bray 2017. Folks who spotted our Facebook post and answered the simple question received a voucher for Box Burger/Platform pizza hot wings. We may have eaten a few (Dozen) wings along the way ourselves!

The simple question

Question. Do you need to plug in a Toyota C-HR Hybrid?

Answer.... Well no of course.

When you brake or you take your foot off the accelerator, Toyota Hybrid cars use a very intligent system called ‘regenerative braking’. As the car no longer needs to apply power to the wheels it allows the spinning wheels to power the vehicle’s generator, which produces electricity and stores it in the battery for later use.

The simple question

Wings Voucher Giveaway

We had a limited number of vouchers for Box Burger & Platform Pizza (#BrayWingOff champions 2017) to giveaway. Happily we managed to find enough wing hungry customers who were able to answer our question about the Toyota C-HR Hybrid. With 25,000 strong in attendance it wasn't hard.

Wings Voucher Giveaway

Tadg Riordan Motors on Tour


We plan to visit quite a few summer events and festivals with our Toyota C-HR Hybrid, Auris Luna Sport Hybrid, Prius Hybrid and the list goes on.... until we run out of festivals. Keep an eye on our FACEBOOK page for further promotions and giveaways.

Tadg Riordan Motors on Tour
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