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Tallafest 2016, A brilliant day out!

Thanks to Tallaght Community Council (TCC) and all volunteers involved in putting together an amazing day and also the the weather for remaining sunny and warm for the whole afternoon! We're very happy to have been included in what was a wonderful community event for all the family and to be given the chance to display a selection of our hybrid cars on the day.

With sales of electric vehicles down 15 per cent in 2016, the limited distance which users can travel is not an issue for hybrid drivers, as the combination of both a petrol and electric motor means you never have to plug it in. For anyone who made it out but didn't get the chance to chat to us about our hybrid cars, here's what we had with us on the day.

  1. The all new Prius. With the 20th annaversary of our very first hybrid car only around the corner it was an easy choice to include in our display.
  2. The Yaris Hybrid, which  is an extremely popular hybrid car, with a 25% increase in sales versus the first nine months of 2014 with over one Yaris out of three sold in Europe being a hybrid. So this one definitely had to come with us.
  3. The Auris Hybrid has excelled in hybrid car sales this year and a fast growing favorite with our customers and the perfect finish to our display.

Looking forward to next years event

The afternoon got off to a great start with a hilarious magic/pupet show. We also enjoyed all the music on offer both on and off the main stage and there was no shortage of tasty food (the Crêpes were a personal favorite). Tallafest was certanly an afternoon packed with entertainment for all the family so thanks again to all the volunteers involved and we're definitely looking forward to next years Tallafest 17!

Looking forward to next years event