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It's a Hybrid life

Toyota C-HR and Corolla secure a greener future
With the age of full electric vehicles still around the corner and the sale of full petrol and diesel vehicles in medium size cars will soon be a thing of the past, Toyota will lead the way with Full Hybrid vehicles.

A Hybrid 2020

Toyota announced last week the cease in production of petrol C-HR and Corolla vehicles underlining our commitment the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.

This means the only petrol vehicles we'll offer in 2020 are the very economical Yaris and Aygo models, with the Yaris also having a hybrid option.

A Hybrid 2020

Why Choose Hybrid?

There's nothing complicated about driving a Toyota self-charging Hybrid. They combine a petrol engine with an electric motor. Toyota self-charging Hybrids can save you up to 30% on fuel, reduce NOx emissions by up to 90% and can recharge their batteries without needing to be plugged in. 

Our history with self-charging Hybrids began in 1997 with the pioneering Toyota Prius.  

Each Toyota Self Charging Hybrid comes with a 3 year or 100,000km comprehensive warranty and a standard five-year or 100,000km warranty for Hybrid parts.**The Hybrid battery warranty can be renewed annually for up to 15 years from the date of registration by completing a Hybrid Health Check from the 6th year. On successful completion of the Hybrid Health Check the battery will benefit from a further one year’s (or 15,000km) Hybrid Battery Extended Care cover. The battery is designed to last the life of the vehicle with some owners have already passed 250,000 miles.

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