5 cool features available with the C-HR

you may not already know
The Toyota C-HR has many fine attributes so we've compiled a list of 5 features which really stand out

1. This car parks itself!

Known as Simple Intelligent Parking Assist (Simple IPA). This Feature isn't new to Toyota cars but it really is a fantastic addition to the Toyota C-HR. For ease of parking in ca rparks and on street parking. Check out the video!

*available on SOL model.

2. Lane Departure Alert

Toyota Safety Sense comes as standard in the Toyota C-HR and has many cool aspects but the one addition we're loving is Lane Departure Alert. When activated, the car can monitor lane markings and if the vehicle should start to deviate without driver indication, the car will use audible alerts and use steering support to keep the car in lane. Amazing!

3. The Whopper JBL Soundsystem

JBL have provided taylor made sound systems for the Toyota Prius and now you can ad it to the Toyota C-HR. "576 WATTS OF PASSION" is haw it's described in the brochure and we can confirm it's that and more.

JBL have come up with an 8 channel, 576-watt stereo amp with 9 speakers and JBL patented wave guides. Even listening to the weather report will give you goose bumps!


*available as an option on SOL model.

4.Humidifying Nanoe air purifier

Toyota's new 'Nanoe E' air-con technology not only blocks all kinds of nasties, but adds moisture to the air to stop you hair and skin drying out.


*available on SOL model.

5. Make it your own....

okay okay... maybe it's not a feature available on the Toyota C-HR but the option to customise further and really personalise your C-HR with any combination of the available accessories really is worth a mention

5. Make it your own....

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